PVR pumps Rs 30 million to push Aamir’s film

    MUMBAI: PVR Cinemas has allocated a sum of Rs 30 million (Rs 3 crores) for promotions and marketing of its debut co-production film Taare Zameen Par (TZP) with Aamir Khan. This expenditure ranges across various ground activities, contests, premieres and tie ups. PVR also strategically used its multiplexes for these promotional activities.


    The film is about a dyslexic kid Ishaan (Darsheel Safary), who is unable to read and write well but is blessed as a very fine artist. Through the movie Ishaan overcomes his dyslexia and gets recognition for his artistic skills. In conjunction with this theme, PVR’s corporate social responsibility (CSR) wing PVR Nest, which works for the betterment of street children around cinemas, organized an ‘art mela’. For three Sunday’s prior to the films release, street kids gathered in thousands across all PVR properties to paint on greeting cards. Now 18,000 such cards are being sold across PVR multiplexes at Rs 10 each which will be collected by Nest.


    For on-ground promotions TZP‘s vinyl posters and Aamir Khan’s cut out standees were put out at PVR’s multiplexes in November during the release week of Om Shanti Om and Saawariya. “These Diwali releases ensured high footfall at PVR multiplexes, hence Taare’s promotion during that time period was guaranteed to have high visibility,” says PVR general manager marketing and sales, Ranjan Singh. TZP’s popcorn bags were put into use at PVR multiplexes in August itself, five months prior to the film’s release.


    TZP also tied up with channels like Zee and Pogo wherein TZP’s promo was premiered across all Zee channels on 12 October at 9 pm. An Aamir Khan Film festival was also programmed on Zee Cinema wherein few of his old movies were screened. On Pogo, Aamir Khan and Darsheel Safary together hosted the Pogo Aamazing Kids Award.


    The film was premiered on 19 December in Dubai and on 20 December in Delhi. On 24 December a post release event was held wherein PVR organized the films screening for kids of Maharashtra Dyslexia Society at their Juhu property in Mumbai. At the same venue, a nine year old prodigy painter Harif Khan also exhibited his charcoal paintings. Aamir Khan and Darsheel Safary were present at both the events.


    PVR also tied with other multiplexes to distribute TZP’s audio CDs against bulk bookings of the movie. Goodie bags comprising TZP mugs and notebooks were distributed to contest winners.