Why Did Saif Ali Khan Cancel Happy Ending’s First Look Launch?


saif ali mainSaif Ali Khan recently called off the first look launch of his upcoming film Happy Ending. Well it seems the ending didn’t go as happy as he would have wanted. He left the producers high and dry if rumours are to be believed. That’s interesting. We tried to think of reasons as to what must have prompted Saif to cancel it and here they are…

1. After a sham of a film called Humshakals, Saif is yet to get over the onslaught it seems. Also, it seems he is not comfortable facing questions about it.

2. His wifey Kareena Kapoor recently celebrated her birthday and the guy could be still in the Holiday mode

3. His legal cases have again stirred a ugly head and may be he doesn’t want face questions regarding it just yet

4. May be Saif isn’t happy with what trailer of Happy Ending. After a debacle like Humshakals, we are sure Saif wants to be very careful about it.

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