Scrabble installs 50+ 3D screens for Avatar in India


    MUMBAI: Scrabble will install over 50 screens in India, which will be 3D enabled before the release of James Cameron’s Avataar. Out of these, 9 cities, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Ahemdabad, Anand, Amritsar, Kolkatta, Coimbatore, Trivendrum and Calicut will experience a 3D Digital Film.

    All earlier 3D movies released before this in India have never been released wider than 13 screens now over 50 3D Screens will be screening James Cameron’s Avatar.

    Scrabble CEO Ranjit Thakur said, " From what I have seen of Avatar so far, it’s expected to break all box office records for Hollywood in India. Being the widest 3D release ever, it will further help it to take the gross collection to another plateau."

    Fox Star Studios India CEO Vijay Singh said, "Avatar promises to take us to a spectacular new world beyond our imagination- The dramatic increase in the number of 3D screens by 300% over the last 4 months is just spectacular. And, the strong interest that we are getting from our core and Hindi, Tamil, Telugu audiences reaffirms the strong buzz for the film."