Shemaroo World Cinema releases No Man’s Land on DVDs


MUMBAI:  Shemaroo World Cinema has released No Man’s Land on DVDs.


Directed and written by Danis Tanovic, the film is ninety-eight minutes long. The film is in Serbo-Croation language with subtitles in English.


The film is about the war between Bosnia and Serbia and two enemy soldiers who are forced to share a wary trust for one another. A group of Bosnian soldiers are advancing upon Serbian territory during a misty night when the fog lifts at daybreak, making them plainly visible to their enemy. Serb forces open fire upon them, and soon only Chiki is still alive, after diving into a trench in no man’s land. Two Serbian soldiers scouting the area set up a land mine using the body of a Bosnian soldier as bait; if moved, the mine will jump into the air and explode. Chiki watches as the soldiers set the trap, and furious at the disrespect to his fallen comrades, he kills one of the Serbs, and takes the other, Nino, hostage. With both soldiers alone and equally armed, they find themselves at a stalemate, and begin trying to attract help from either side. Eventually, the two men are found by a squadron of French soldiers attached to a U.N. peacekeeping unit; now held by supposedly neutral forces, Chiki and Nino are with the French troops when it’s discovered that the dead Bosnian soldier isn’t dead after all, though no one is sure how to disarm the mine without killing him in the process.



The film stars Branco Djuric, Rene Bitorajac, Filip Sovagovic, Katrin Cartlidge and Simon Callow.


The DVDs are priced at Rs.349 each.