Sony Pictures Imageworks selects Spheron HDR Camera


MUMBAI: Sony Pictures Imageworks has invested in three state-of-the-art SpheroCam HDR units. Manufactured by SPHERON-VR, the SpheroCam can record a full spherical HDR image in a single scan.


The SpheroCam HDR’s ability to capture spherical images, as well as automatically capturing HDR lighting environments and 3D data, presents innovative new ways in which film locations can be recorded and represented on screen.


With 26 f-stops of exposure and clarity of up to 50 mega-pixels, the SpheroCam HDR provides the optimum image quality for 3D image rendering. The camera is also excellent at recording 3D point data, using its 3D immersive measurement technology; it enables CG objects to be placed into any location – bridging the gap between real world photography and computer graphics modelling.


"We are delighted that Sony Pictures Imageworks will be using Spheron VR Technology," said Spheron business manager Peter Taylor. "SPHERON-VR High Dynamic Range (HDR) imagery can enhance and streamline the process of creating immersive VFX environments; it’s great to see our technology being used to deliver cutting edge visual entertainment."