SmartJog & XDC sign deal to install digital delivery solutions in cinemas


MUMBAI: SmartJog and XDC have signed a non-exclusive partnership agreement.


XDC will offer the SmartJog solution to exhibitors under contract with them, as part of their portfolio of services including electronic distribution and storage of content.


Exhibitors who are part of the XDC network will have the possibility to deploy the SmartJog Central Library Servers for the electronic reception and storage of DCPs (Digital Cinema Packages) into their cinemas. SmartJog’s and XDC’s equipment will be integrated to provide exhibitors a complete solution for the management of content within their cinemas.


In addition, XDC and SmartJog have inked a digital distribution partnership agreement enabling XDC to use the SmartJog digital delivery platform to deliver DCPs to cinemas under contract with XDC but also to any connected cinemas to the SmartJog network in Europe. From XDC’s Mastering Facility in Liège, which is equipped with a SmartJog system, XDC will be able to securely transmit mastered content to over 160 cinemas already connected to the SmartJog digital cinema network.


“After an initial phase of testing, we have decided to broaden our service offering to include the SmartJog solution. Our cinema customers will have the possibility to receive digital cinema content via SmartJog and our XDC Digital Content Lab will also offer to theatrical distributors a digital delivery service to all cinemas connected to the SmartJog network.” says XDC vice president Sales & Business Development Fabrice Testa.


Initially, XDC will propose the SmartJog solution to exhibitors in Belgium. The digital delivery service offered by XDC Digital Content Lab will be available globally.


“SmartJog is thrilled about this agreement as our XDC & SmartJog services complement each other, allowing distributors and exhibitors to benefit from an integrated and complete solution for content distribution and storage,” says SmartJog European Theatrical Sales director Nicolas Dussert.