UTV to add 29 more prints of Metro


    MUMBAI: Buoyed by the good opening response for their latest movie Life in a… Metro, UTV will be adding 29 prints of the film across India today (18 May).

    The film, which opened to a mixed response worldwide, has had a better response in India compared to the UK, USA and Australia.

    It had released with 163 prints all over India. “The additional prints have been added in Bangalore, Pune, Hyderabad, Bombay, Indore, Kolkata and Punjab. The film has received a good response in these cities,” informs UTV senior vice president creative and projects Ram Mirchandani. The total number of prints will now be 192.

    The film collected Rs 50 million (Rs 5 crore) in India in its opening weekend. “Based on our estimation, we expect the film to garner a total of Rs 200 milliion (Rs 20 crore) in India,” adds Mirchandani.

    As per figures available from UTV, the film’s weekend collection is £ 68,000 in the UK, $ 74,000 in the US, $ 15,000 in Australia and AED 5,00,000 in the Gulf.

    According to an official statement from the company, the movie saw a 40 per cent jump in collections on Saturday as compared to Friday followed by a 66 per cent hike on Sunday compared to Friday.

    UTV associate vice president India distribution Suniel Wadhwa said, “We were super confident of the product and knew that word of mouth and reviews would create a huge demand post release. Our strategy of releasing limited prints and generating high demand for the film ensured that we would have audiences clamouring for tickets which would help keep the film buoyant and in demand for a sustained period.”