Zapak launches game on sci-fi thriller District 9


MUMBAI: has partnered with the makers of the upcoming science fiction film District 9 as their official gaming partner in India. will host the official game based on the movie in India.

The game allows players to play as a human or a non-human. If he/she plays as a human, his/her mission is to be on patrol in District 9 as a MNU officer and he/she is required to arrest or shoot 20 non-humans to advance to the next level. If he/she chooses to play as a non-human, then his/her mission is to take action against the oppressive MNU Corporation and its patrolling guards. He/she also need to sneak through the slums of District 9 after curfew to collect valuable alien fuel canisters before they are confiscated by MNU. As he/she advances, there are more exciting challenges that one will come across.

The movie is directed and written by Neill Blomkap and produced by Peter Jackson. The film stars Jason Cope, Sharlto Copley and Robert Hobbs. The story of the movie was adapted from Alive in Joburg a short film directed by Neill Blomkamp and produced by Sharlto Copley. The title and premise of the film are inspired by historical events that took place in District Six, a residential area in Cape Town in South Africa under apartheid. The film also seems to refer to contemporary evictions and forced removals to new ghettos in post-apartheid South Africa. In India, District 9 is set to release on 11 September.

Zapak Digital Entertainment COO Rohit Sharma said, "The movie District 9 gives us an interesting opportunity to provide a sci-fi game to our Indian audience. Zapak being the leading gaming portal in India will be able to reach out to maximum gamers in the country. We believe this game will be well accepted as it has a unique offering for our gamers."