Zapak, Reliance Mobile launches Cash League contest


    Mumbai: Zapak, in association with Reliance Mobile, has started a unique contest called Cash League that allows everyone to make money by playing any game on
    Zapak Cash League is an innovative concept where any user can just log on to and can earn money where the amount is proportionate to the number of games played during the course of the day. All the gamer has to do is play as many games as he can, from the moment the clock strikes twelve until 11:59 PM on the very same day.

    He has to check his Winnings on on a daily basis to see what he has won. There are confirmed cash prizes and gift vouchers to be won on the amount of points earned. The Zapak Cash League can be entered at The contest is on till 22 June.

    Reliance head of brand & marketing Sanjay Behl said, "In our endeavor to reach out to the youth and connect with them on an on-going basis, Reliance Mobile associates with every passion that drives the youth! Online Gaming has tremendously evolved over the last few years and Zapak Cash League revolutionizes this space taking it to the next level."

    Reliance mobile has joined hands with Zapak to push this innovative concept across mediums. For the first time an innovative tool of a unique music video has been used to popularize the Zapak Cash League. This music video is centered on cricket and is called Kricket se kya mila? An assembly of 40 artists took part for this music video. There are artists posing to be Sachin Tendulkar, Mahendra Singh Dhoni, Harbhajan Singh and many more. The music video is currently running across all music channels.