Zapak unveils game on Bipasha Basu


    MUMBAI: After Bollywood superstar Salman Khan, it’s now the turn of Bipasha Basu to get gaming with Zapak. Bipasha’s game – beach blaze is now live on
    In this game, Bipasha sets the beaches of the world ablaze in an International Skating Challenge. The player has to pose as Bipasha in the game and compete in a roller blade race.
    Speaking about this association, Bipasha Basu said, “I am excited about my association with Zapak. I love action and adventure, an element of my personality which was always hidden; with this association I can interpret those elements. I’m represented in an action form in ‘Beach Blaze’, the game in which I get to participate in a roller blade challenge. This game has further strengthened my belief in how exciting action can be; therefore I will work closely with the team at Zapak to conceptualize some more games and will don the ‘action / adventure girl’ hat for them.”
    Commenting on this association, Rohit Sharma, COO, Zapak Digital Entertainment Ltd. said, “Bollywood has always enthralled the Indian Audiences. In the past we have seen tremendous success with the games around Salman Khan. Now we are happy to associate with Bipasha Basu. It was interesting to see her involvement in the game right from e conceptualization stage as she takes on a new Avatar i.e. of racing and action, which she is very passionate about.”
    As a player you can choose between an aggressive opponent, who tries to slow Bipasha down by throwing things at her from the beach, or a speedster, who tries to defeat her by simply going faster than her. Bipasha has to collect the Bikinis hanging on clothes lines to use them as her weapon, and she chucks them at her opponents to slow them down.
    Different levels have the skating contest being held in various beaches like Goa’s Calangute, Mauritius’ Grand Bay, Bahamas’ Pink Sand Beach of Harbor Island, Brazil’s Rio de Janeiro and Miami, with the difficulty level increasing at subsequent beaches.
    Ice- teas increase the player’s stamina and collecting Ice-Teas and Bikinis, by jumping, earns the player points . The player also earns points if he manages to finish the race with time to spare. At every level change, the points earned can be used to buy one out of 5 Skate-Kit options. The player has to purchase the kits or it would become near impossible for him to complete the later levels. Hence earning enough points is vital for the game to progress.
    The highest scorer at the end of 2 months gets Bipasha’s autographed outfit which has donned in the game, exclusively designed for the game by Rocky S.