REVEALED! Ranveer Singh’s Secret For His Toned Body In ‘Ram Leela’

Ranveer Singh talks about how he developed his toned body for Sanjay Leela Bhansali's 'Ram Leela'.

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MUMBAI: The trailer for ‘Ram Leela’ came out last week and the first song ‘Tattad Tattad (Ramji Ki Chaal) left many breathless. Ranveer Singh showed off his fit body in the song leading many to ask how he got there.

And now Ranveer Singh himself has revealed the secrets to his toned body.

There’s a ‘Krrish 3’ connection to all this. Kris Gethin, the trainer who helped Hrithik Roshan obtain a toned body for ‘Krrish 3’ was requested by Ranveer Singh to help himself. But as Kris Gethin was busy with Hrithik Roshan, the trainer quickly made Lloyd Stevens fly down from UK for a rigorous 12 week programme.

Surprisingly the programme involved just 20% training, as the remaining 80% was a diet – the Drastic Transformation Programme (DTP). This included food that was “saltless, raw and tasteless and I would not recommend it to even an enemy.” He was also disallowed rotis, rice and sweets, which was tough because Ranveer Singh’s biggest weakness is chocolates.

But it all paid off as Ranveer Singh achieved the results in half the time. It took only 6 weeks and Lloyd Stevens was left impressed too.

This led to Ranveer Singh showing off his body confidently in the song ‘Tattad Tattad (Ramji Ki Chaal)’, even though the initial idea was to keep on the kedia (front open jacket worn in Gujarat). Ranveer Singh revealed, “During trials, I tried 30 different kedias, but Mr Bhansali said, ‘You look better without the shirt.’ That is when he decided that I would go shirtless.”

So hard work and persistence has led to Ranveer Singh turning into a hottie. Let’s hope Deepika Padukone can match up to him in ‘Ram Leela’, which releases on 15 November, 2013.

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