Adnan Sami’s Journey From 206kgs to 75kgs

Adnan-Sami-Journey-FEatured If you were even remotely into music in the early 2000s, you know that Adnan Sami was a precious asset to the Indian music scene back then. The ‘Lift Karade’ song became a virtual anthem as to this day continues to be associated with the singer. While he was a widely popular media presence thanks to his music, the fact that he had an unusual personality too was a contributing factor to his fame.

Adnan Sami was at the height of his career a whopping 206 kgs! While audiences found it rather cute and adorable, he was the butt of many jokes as well as jibes. To top it off, his obesity caused his way to much trouble and he had to face many health challenges, However, Sami now weighs a healthy and wholesome 75kgs!

We bring to you a comprehensive guide to the singer’s mind-blowing weight transformation-

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