Adnan Sami’s Journey From 206kgs to 75kgs

Adnan-Sami-Journey-FEatured If you were even remotely into music in the early 2000s, you know that Adnan Sami was a precious asset to the Indian music scene back then. The ‘Lift Karade’ song became a virtual anthem as to this day continues to be associated with the singer. While he was a widely popular media presence thanks to his music, the fact that he had an unusual personality too was a contributing factor to his fame.

Adnan Sami was at the height of his career a whopping 206 kgs! While audiences found it rather cute and adorable, he was the butt of many jokes as well as jibes. To top it off, his obesity caused his way to much trouble and he had to face many health challenges, However, Sami now weighs a healthy and wholesome 75kgs!

We bring to you a comprehensive guide to the singer’s mind-blowing weight transformation-Adnan-Sami-Journey-002Where it began – Most cases of rapid weight gain are linked to depression and stress. Well, for Sami it was the bitter divorce battle that he was embroiled in with his now ex-wife. Apparently, the emotional turmoil and crazy stress lead to him over-eating and this is where the significant weight gain came from! The situation was so bad that Sami could scarcely walk by himself and needed the support of a walker. He even had to travel with a custom-made wheelchair since airline seats were proving to be too small for his frame. Eventually, he developed lymphedema in his knees and he had to be operated for the same after which he had to undergo a rigorous three-month period of complete bed rest.Adnan-Sami-Journey-005Do or Die – In spite of having so many issues with his overall health, Sami was not ready to make the necessary dietary and lifestyle changes that were expected by his doctors. When the doctors issued an ultimatum to him that unless he lost weight, he’d only live for around 6 months; everyone thought he’d finally wake up. However, that was not the case. Finally, Sami’s father had to intervene. Only when his father told him that unless he made the required changes, he’d walk out of his life; that’s when Sami finally bucked up.Adnan-Sami-Journey-003A new beginning – Finally after months of mistreating his body, Adnan decided to move to Houston to get the expert help he required. While he did get a lot of help from experts, the doctors eventually declared him an emotional eater. Sami would indulge in food as a means to combat his anxiety and depression as well as indulge in food when he had a reason to celebrate. This became the starting point of his new life change.Adnan-Sami-Journey-007Baby steps – As Sami’s mammoth diet started, it was not as drastic as one would imagine. Initially, he was advised to make small changes and take it from there. His diet was completely devoid of any processed sugar, white bread, rice and oil. These ingredients were considered to be the complete no-no. Sami also had to get off alcohol completely since it would hamper the process of shedding weight. Also, he was made to substitute favorite heavy foods with lighter, low-cal options.Adnan-Sami-Journey-008The transformation begins – Initially, when Sami lost a small chunk of weight, he himself saw no change but near and dear ones could. Their motivation and elation at his progress made him work harder to stick to his diet and exercise goals. Eventually, Sami noticed that he felt better overall and was sleeping and breathing better. His anxiety and panic attacks stopped and he didn’t need external help getting up either. Once he had lost around 40kgs, his doctors introduced minor exercise into his routine.Adnan-Sami-Journey-004Pulling tricksSami who was doing really well with his weight loss was now challenged on many occasions. He had to have a bag of tricks ready in order to keep his progress constant. As a celebrity, he was always being invited to parties where he had to eat a number of different high-calorie delicacies and even consume alcohol. Luckily, he had found a way around this. He simply filled his plate so that it would appear that he was eating, but in actuality, he never ate a single morsel. Also, he’d sip on glasses of water pretending that it was vodka.Adnan-Sami-JourneyHappily ever after – While he had to go through a great deal of trouble, he did emerge victoriously! Today, Sami weighs a healthy 75kgs. He successfully lost a whopping 130kgs in barely 11 months and became an inspiration to millions. With the right mentality and a healthy mindset, he did what many deemed impossible. Congratulations Mr.Sami, you’ve wowed us all!