Amitabh Bachchan’s Many Use Of Twitter


Amitabh Cover PicAmitabh Bachchan’s presence on Twitter is perhaps the most active one. He loves to share his life’s highs and lows with his followers and dedicatedly does it. But he also uses the medium as a means to give important news and also rebuke young actors from using crass words.

When Aishwarya Rai Bachchan got pregnant, while the whole world was speculating the same, Bachchan chose to break it on twitter saying, “News! News! News!! I AM GOING TO BECOME A GRANDFATHER…AISHWARYA EXPECTING…SO HAPPY AND THRILLED.” And we definitely were thrilled but announcing it on Twitter seemed pretty weird for his stature.


He then went on to reprimand Priyanka Chopra from sharing Tweet without reading them thoroughly. Priyanka had retweeted Rihanna’s tweet which said: “Fuck I look like ho? I look like yes and ya look like no”. Bachchan reprimanded her for going through it. “@priyankachopra Arre, retweet bhi padha jaata hai ..mujhse poocho, main bhugat chuka hoon !! But chill .. love to you and take care !!”, wrote Bachchan.



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