Bollywood Disgusted, Shocked, Outraged Over Rape Of 5-Year-Old


MUMBAI: Bollywood is shocked, disturbed and horrified by yet another case of sexual violence in the capital city, this time against an innocent 5-year-old girl.

The entire film fraternity is up in arms, frantically tweeting their outrage against the heinous crime. A 5-year-old was allegedly rape and brutalised by her adult neighbour, and locked up in an underground room for three days, with no food and water. From shock and disgust, to devastation, Bollywood celebrities have expressed a range of emotions over the incident.

Karan Johar too was extremely disgusted, when he tweeted:

Akshay Kumar, who grew up in Delhi is devastated

Other celebrities who took to twitter to express their anguish over the situation were:

Abhay Deol: A five-year-old girl was raped several times by her neighbour, who abducted and kept her hostage inside his flat in New Delhi for two days. This is evil.

Pooja Bedi And I don’t care whether the rapist turns out to be a minor… he deserves to DIE. keep such animals off our streets& away from our children
5 yr old raped girls throat was slit,Private parts mutilated,200 ml bottle& candles shoved into private parts. I want to KILL that barbarian. India’s rape capital has a woman CM. She should rule with an iron fist, an iron rod, whip and noose. Until then nothing has changed or will.

Anupam Kher: Sometimes, The evils of authorities are directly proportional to the tolerance and indifference of the people.

Raj Kundra: What happened to the public watching this woman being slapped in public by a civil SERVANT. Stand up for your human rights #angry #disgusted

Riteish Deshmukh: Read about the brutality that a 5yr old was subjected to. I am shocked beyond words. What kind of a society r we becoming?

Shilpa Shetty: Disgusted with the Delhi cop who slapped that girl who protested! What is our country coming to. When will this apathy end!Time to wake up. Strict punitive action MUST be taken against these offenders at the earliest. Heartbreaking!

Pooja Bhatt: Rapists & sex offenders must be named & shamed. If victims of rape live with the trauma all their lives,should their tormentors be spared?

Sapna Bhavnani, celebrity hairstylist and ex-Bigg Boss contestant vented her ire towards Bollywood personalities: “bollywood who’s who just tweet n start silly campaigns..have u tried to make a film that tackles these issues???? #delhirape”