Bollywood Walks For The Love Of ‘Shiksha’


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MUMBAI: Bollywood personalities like Farah Khan, Arbaaz Khan and Neha Dhupia joined hands to walk for the love of ‘Shiksha’ i.e. education.

The trio of Farah, Arbaaz and Neha were joined by Huma Qureshi and Dr. Anjali Mukherjee, to promote the ‘Walk for the Love of Shiksha’: an initiative by P&G’s CSR program. We spotted Arbaaz, Farah and Neha supporting the rally cry ‘Padhega India Badhega India’, and thereby proclaiming their love for education.

Farah, Arbaaz, Huma and Neha proudly wore the P&G’s Shiksha tee-shirt (which Neha accessorised with a black hoodie), and were seen talking about the need for educating the country to ensure progress. Arbaaz Khan was the most vocal star, who said, “The motto ‘Padhega India, Badhega India’ is something I personally believe in, and it resonates with my personal vision for the education and empowerment of the children of India.”

‘Gangs of Wasseypur’ star Huma Qureshi added, “What touches me deeply about Shiksha is that the 385,000 children have been educated so far through simple acts of contribution by consumers across India. I urge you to remember that the next time you walk into a store to shop for something basic like a shampoo, a toothbrush or a detergent – you can help educate a lesser-privileged child by making a simple brand choice.”

Ace choreographer and director Farah Khan said she felt very strongly about this initiative: “I am glad to be a part of Shiksha because I strongly feel that education is a basic right to be provided to all children. It is heartening to see a movement like Shiksha that facilitates education for underprivileged children and provides for a better living standard of life.”