Censor Board Targets Kalki Koechlin’s Margarita With A Straw Over Scenes


Margarita-01The latest buzz surrounding the riffs between the censor board and the film industry shook the film fraternity. Regarding which producers meet was also arranged after which things were supposed to have been settled down. But the Censor Board has done it again by targeting the upcoming award winning film Margarita With A Straw starring actress Kalki Koechlin.

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Margarita With A Straw is a coming of age film about a young girl who has Cerebral Palsy and is travelling to another country where she struggles to find out her true identity. The film is also about coming out of the closet and accepting oneself as you are. Actor Aamir Khan himself came forward to show tremendous support for the promotion of the film. Director of Shonali Bose is outraged with the Censor Board’s decision to make multiple cuts in the film.

Reportedly the Film Certification Board has asked the makers of the film to edit certain scenes some of which include a 12 seconds long kiss between the lead characters, a scene where Kalki is seen showing her middle finger and a scene where Kalki has been helped to remove her undergarments and she is shown peeing.

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As per Shonali Bose the film is inspired from the real life incidents of her sister and that whatever the film depicts is nothing but reality. The director along with the producers of the film are now pushing the film to the Revising Committee and are hoping for a much more broad approach as the film is based on a very sensitive subject.

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