Hollywood Director John Woo’s Mail To Rajkumar Hirani After Watching PK

Rajkumar-John-WooThe Hollwyood director John Woo sent an appreciation mail to Rajkuamr Hirani.The director John Woo is very well known for his direction of films like Face Off, Broken Arrow and Wind Talker.John Woo and Rajkumar Hirani had met last year at the Beijing International Film Festival, where both were part of the jury. During their meet there, they had spoken about each other’s work at length.

John Woo is one of those directors who does not believe in phones. He only communicates with people via mail. Since their first meeting in Beijing, they have been in on and off in conversation with each other.

While Rajkumar Hirani was in China for the launch of PK, he had sent a mail to John so that they could meet up, but as the director was out of town they could not catch up.

Rajkumar Hirani was surprised when he later received a mail from John. It was a very long letter where he told Raju that he had watched PK and he liked it a lot.

He wrote everything from what he likes to what he thought of the film.

Rajkumar Hirani confirms the news and adds, “It was heartening to receive the letter from John. When we met last year, we discussed PK. I am very glad that he liked the film. ”