NH10: Box Office Second Week Collections

NH10-Anushka-SharmaIn an industry like Bollywood, it ideally shouldn’t have gone past the first narration but a young female star not only produced that idea but has backed the film till its release. And Anushka Sharma‘s gamble has paid off and how! The Navdeep Singh-directed NH10 has been cruising at the box office emerging as a big winner.
Released on Friday the 13th of March, NH10 has gone on to collect Rs 20 crore (20 million) in its first week and a further Rs 5 crore (5 million) in its second weekend taking its total 10-day collection to a fantastic Rs 25 crore (250 million). That makes the low budget film, produced under Anushka‘s Clean Slate Films banner, a hit and beyond! And when you add the 1 million USD overseas collection to it, the picture gets rosier.
Says Anushka: “I was always confident about NH10 scoring big with the audiences. Conventional wisdom might make it sound dark and violent, but it also connects emotionally and so well made that everyone could get into Meera‘s shoes and spend that nightmare of a night out there. The box office jackpot will only inspire us to continue on the same path and make films like NH10.”