Karisma Kapoor’s Husband Rubbishes Reports Of Divorce

Karisma Kapoor's wedding photo (Archives)
Karisma Kapoor’s wedding photo (Archives)

MUMBAI: If reports are to be believed, there is trouble brewing in paradise. Bollywood actress Kareena Kapoor’s elder sister and 90’s superstar Karisma Kapoor is all set to divorce her husband Sunjay Kapur.

The tragedy is that Karisma’s sister tied the knot only last month, amid much festivities and a generally happy atmosphere. And so soon after one sister’s public display of happiness, comes news of the other sister’s marital woes.

Of course, rumour mills have been abuzz for a while on the state of Karisma’s marriage. The couple has even separated a few times before coming together again for the sake of their two children. And now it seems the children will be the bone of contention, and the crux of their divorce settlement.

Reveals an inside source, “Looks like it’s time for them to make it official. They’ve been through discussions about this (a divorce) of late. They’re now trying to come upon an agreement where they can get mutual custody of the two children. As the kids are too young to decide for themselves, talks are on over how they will manage it as both Karisma and Sanjay live in different cities. Once they come to a solid conclusion on that, they will file for divorce.”

Rumours over the past few years have been circulating about Karisma and Sunjay’s alleged estrangement.

The grapevine is also abuzz that Sunjay Kapur has been dating Delhi-based entrepreneur and socialite Priya Chatwal. This is also being cited as one of the reasons for their differences; for Sunjay was keen to bring Priya for Kareena-Saif’s wedding but Karisma and Sunjay’s family had firmly put their foot down.

However, the latest twist to the tale is that Sunjay is keen to hold on. He has dismissed these rumours as “baseless”. “Two years back these stories started doing the rounds. They were untrue then. Nothing has changed now. ”

Sunjay’s spokesperson further added, “Mr. Kapur wants Karisma back in Delhi. It is not easy for him to go on living alone. It’s been seven years. ” He also rubbishes claims about Kapur’s alleged girlfriend Priya Sachdev, saying “She is just a good friend he hangs out with.”

But, Karisma apparently is in no mood to reconcile. Said a friend of the actress, “If Sunjay seeks legal help to end the marriage, Lolo will also work towards a settlement that would ensure not just hers but her kids’ futures as well.”