Krushna Abhishek Has Something To Say To His Rival Kapil Sharma That Will Stun You!


The rivalry of comedians Kapil Sharma and Krushna Abhishek’s continues dates back from the time of Comedy Circus when Kapil defeated Krushna in the finale of several seasons. Their healthy competition still continues in some or other way. Well, Krushna Abhishek has now made a statement saying he will definitely collaborate with Kapil Sharma even though they are perceived as strong competitors.

When asked if they will ever collaborate with each other in future, Krushna told PTI, “Yes definitely. People would be waiting to see both of us on stage. I think that would be like Shah Rukh and Salman doing a film together. That would be a lot of fun. That time will definitely come.”

Krushna also accepted that Kapil Sharma is number one stand-up comedian but he is interested in giving him tough competition in acting. He says,  “I want to work with him because he is a great stand up comedian. I think he is a better standup comedian than all of us, as far as standup comedy is concerned. In acting, I could give tough (competition), but I consider him number one in standup comedy. It would be wonderful to share stage with him someday. I would love to. Now I don’t know what Kapil says.”

Now it remains to see how Kapil Sharma reacts to this statement of Krushna Abhishek! What do you think? Will the two comedians collaborate with each other ever? Share your views in the comments section below.