Actress-Politician Nagma Slams Makers Of Raai Laxmi Starrer Julie 2


Is Pahlaj Nihalani produced Julie 2 inspired by the life of South Indian actress and politician Nagma?

Julie 2 starring Raai Laxmi has come into limelight. It is assumed that South Indian actress turned politician Nagma was the inspiration for Pahlaj Nihalani produced Julie 2!

The former censor board chief and Julie 2’s producer in an interview stated that the movie is definitely based on the life of an actress. He also added that one of the actors of the star-cast in the movie has been involved with the actress that serves as an inspiration. To not create any controversy for the film or risk the film being shelved, Nihalani refused to name the actress.

As speculations go, it was assumed that the actress on which Julie 2 is based, started her career with one of the Khans of Bollywood in the 90’s. As many know Nagma’s foray into Bollywood was opposite Salman Khan in 1990’s Baaghi. All it needed was a clue and All heads turned towards the famous Nagma!

The actor mentioned by the producer who was previously involved with the movie’s inspiration is presumed to be Ravi Kishan, Nagma’s co-stars from the Bhojpuri films she starred in.

In an interview with the Deccan Chronicle, Nagma said, “I have no knowledge about it and was not informed about it earlier. I am listening to it for the first time. Maybe the film Padmavati is garnering all the hype and the makers of Julie 2 need some publicity, which is why they might have hinted at such a development.”

She further added, “At this point of time, I cannot speak about it and it’ll be unfair because the film hasn’t released yet. Normally, I do catch up on films, but this interesting development will make me watch the film for sure. I will only talk after the release.”

Julie 2 is a sequel to Neha Dhupia starrer 2004’s Julie. The film has been directed by Deepak Shivdasani and apart from Raai-Laxmi and Ravi Kishan the movie features Rati Agnihotri, Sahil Salathia, Aditya Srivastava, and Pankaj Tripathi. Julie 2 is based on the struggles of an actress who has to go through casting couch to make it big in Bollywood. Julie 2 has hit the big screens today.

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