Shahid Kapoor’s Special Celebration For His Dad’s Birthday


Shahid-DadShahid Kapoor is busy these days with shooting and is finding it difficult to spend time with loved ones. But recently it was dad Pankaj Kapur`s birthday, which made  go out of his way to manage some free time from the busy schedule. Shahid Kapoor is very close to his father Pankaj Kapur and he made his birthday special by spending time with his father.
Shahid himself took an extra effort and made sure all his family members were present with his father on his birthday to make it special.
Pankaj Kapur loves to live his life in a simple manner and doesn`t like to celebrate his birthday in grand way so he decided to have a family get-together.
They both share a very positive and a healthy relationship with each other and consider each other as friends. Shahid has a lot of respect for his father and feels his father was always there whenever he needed him.
The relationship which he shares with his father can’t be explained.
They both understand each other and are emotionally attached to each other. Shahid loves his dad the most in the world. And considers him as a role model.
With this Shahid has proved that family comes first for him.Good going Shahid, we are proud of you!