Transistor Makes A Comeback In Bollywood​

Haider [tps_footer]The transistor has made a come back ​in​ ​B​ollywood​ with stars using i​t​ off late in ​their films. ​

We saw Aamir ​K​han sporting a transistor for the ​first ​poster of P.K​.​, which created a ​huge​ buzz around the movie. (leave alone the controversy)

Ranveer ​S​ingh ​is​ seen holding the transistor in the song Sweeta ​from ​his upcoming ​film​ Kill Dil.​ The transistor goes perfectly with the theme of the song.

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Shahid Kapoor on the other hand is holding the transistor while delivering a monologue in Haider which is a crucial point in the film.

The transistor has officially made a comeback in ​B​ollywood films as a prop.


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