Twitterati Blames Anushka Sharma For India Loosing The Match

Everyone was bleeding blue, as everyone was down with ICC Cricket World Cup 2015 fever. As India lost the semi-finals, cricket fans lost their minds, too. But the level of insanity broke records when the cricket fans started blaming a certain cricketer’s girlfriend for the loss. Yes, apparently, Indian cricketer, Virat Kohli’girlfriend Anushka Sharma became the target of cricket fans outrage and anger.

The outrage started as soon as India lost the match. Anushka, who was spotted sitting in the crowd and watching the India’s semi-final match with Australia in Sydney, was and is still being bashed by the fans all over the internet. A lot of posts, memes are being shared on Social Networking Sites, cussing Anushka for Virat’s unusual performance in the match. Not only that, but cricket fans went so over board that they stepped out on the streets and started burning PK actress, Anushka‘s pictures to protest against India’s loss.

Well, this is not the first time. During England tour last year, Anushka was blamed for her boyfriend Virat‘s not upto the mark performance. Now again, the fans are pointing fingers at the NH10 star.

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