Varun Dhawan Slammed For A Deadly Selfie On Mumbai Roads, Mumbai Police Takes Action


Bollywood actor Varun Dhawan has gone and landed himself in trouble with the Mumbai Police.

Recently Bollywood actor Varun Dhawan landed himself on the other side of the law. Mumbai Police Department has taken actions accordingly. As an aftermath, Varun got an e-challan issued against him for clicking a selfie.

In a picture tweeted by the Mumbai Police Department, Varun can be seen clicking a selfie with his lady fan. What got him in trouble was that the selfie was taken amidst traffic with Varun still in his car while his fan was leaning out of an autorickshaw! It is not clear if the traffic was ongoing or still. But what is clear is that Varun wasn’t driving the car, as he was in the passenger seat.

“These adventures surely work on D silver screen but certainly not on the roads of Mumbai! U have risked ur life,ur admirer’s & few others. V expect better from a responsible Mumbaikar & youth icon like U! An E-Challan is on d way 2 ur home. Next time, V will B harsher” (sic)

Clearly, in the tweet, Mumbai Police Department has let Varun get off with just an e-challan and a warning that if this happens again they will be ‘harsher’ the next time.

To this Varun Dhawan has tweeted an apology. In the tweet, Varun clarified that the traffic wasn’t ongoing and that he will keep safety in mind.

“My apologies Our cars weren’t moving since we were at a traffic signal and I didn’t want to hurt the sentiment of a fan but next time I’ll keep safety in mind and won’t encourage this.” (sic)

Now as a reply to Varun’s apology, the Mumbai Police Department in a cheeky tweet stating that what a coincidence it was that a photographer was present at that very signal. Although they even lauded the actor for taking the message in a “good spirit”.

Last time when Varun Dhawan was in trouble Mumbai Police Department came forward and helped him. A lady stalker was insistently leaving messages on Varun’s private Whatsapp number that led him to block her. Ultimately, he received a call which stated that if the actor did not reply to her messages, she will commit suicide. Read more here Varun Dhawan Reacts To His Lady Stalker Threatening To Commit Suicide

Let us hope this serves as a warning for youngsters and celebrities alike.

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