BOX OFFICE: ‘Besharam’ Hits Rock Bottom!

'Besharam' had many things in its favour, including star Ranbir Kapoor, director Abhinav Singh Kashyap, a solo release as well as maximum screens, but it has not managed to make its mark at the Box Office.

BESHARAM 07102013

MUMBAI: ‘Besharam’ had many things aligned in its favour, but alas, it was let down by a weak storyline, outdated songs and terrible direction.

For a film that released on a public holiday on Wednesday, ‘Besharam’ has made Rs 425 million (Rs 42.4 crore) nett after five days (including the weekend).

After a total of Rs 300 million (Rs 30 crore) nett in the first three days, “Besharam’ earned Rs 55 million (Rs 5.5 crore) nett and Rs 70 million (Rs 7 crore) nett on Saturday and Sunday respectively.¬†This would usually be a good number for any normal film, but ‘Besharam’ is not normal.

‘Besharam’ has Ranbir Kapoor, one of the hottest stars right now, and director Abhinav Singh Kashyap at its helm. The director’s last film was Salman Khan-starrer ‘Dabangg’.

We mention once again that ‘Besharam’ had its opening mid-week, on a Wednesday which was a national holiday and yet it earned almost the same as ‘Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani’ – Ranbir Kapoor’s previous hit – did on its first day, which wasn’t even a holiday.

High hopes were pinned on the film because it was also the sole Hindi film release this week, that too with more screens that Shah Rukh Khan-starrer ‘Chennai Express’. Besides that, no prominent Hindi film had been released the week before that. “Besharam’ could have been a juggernaut, but landed up being not more than another rock at the bottom of the ocean.

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