Box Office: Bheja Fry has good first day; Ready continues success run


MUMBAI: This week saw five new Hindi movies being released namely Bheja Fry 2, Always Kabhi Kabhi, Cycle Kick, Bhindi Baazaar Inc and Bin Bulaye Baraati. Of these, Bheja Fry 2 has seen a better opening than the others. The movie’s net collections on Monday across India on Friday were approximately Rs 20.5 million (Rs 2.05 crore).

On the other hand, Salman Khan’s blockbuster hit Ready has been enjoying a steady run at the box office even in its third week. On its third Friday, Ready’s net collections stood at approximately Rs 17.5 million (Rs 1.75 crore), taking its total net collections to Rs 1.02 billion (Rs 101.75 crore).

Red Chillies Entertainment’s Always Kabhi Kabhi saw average occupancy of approximately 15-20% on the first day across multiplexes.

The other releases namely Bin Bulaye Baraati, Cycle Kick and Bhindi Baazar Inc saw poor collections.