Letters From Jiah Khan To Sooraj Pancholi Discovered; Could Earlier Letter Be Fake?

MUMBAI: The plot thickens. A few letters from Jiah Khan to Sooraj Pancholi have been retrieved by the police. According to reports, the handwriting on these letters does not match that of the letter initially made public by Jiah Khan’s mother, Rabbia Khan.

The police, though, are taking it safe. An anonymous senior police officer from Juhu police station said that it would be wrong to say anything emphatically until they receive a confirmation from forensic experts. The police have also asked for forms and answer sheets filled in by Jiah Khan to verify the handwriting.

Zarina Wahab, Sooraj Pancholi’s mother who has been trying to prove her son’s innocence, meanwhile, is aware of the difference in the handwritings and is happy that the truth will be out soon. Zarina Wahab added, “Once forensic experts say emphatically that the letter, which Rabbia handed over to the police, was not written by Jiah Khan, I shall take legal action against that woman. But let me add that I shall consult my lawyers in detail before taking any step. I shall not do anything undignified and unjustified.

Jiah Khan’s sister Kavita spoke on behalf of Rabbia Khan who was unwell. She said, “The cops who claim that the handwritings have not matched, have not notified us. We maintain that none other than Jiah Khan wrote the letter, which they have collected from our house. Nobody knows Jiah’s handwriting better than us. It would be silly to imagine that we would stoop so low so as to fix something like to deal with our angst.”

The truth is muddled. Hopefully, once the forensics department has run through the letters, we’d be close to an answer.

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