Hollywood’s Wild Side: Cocaine Snorting Oscar Statue At Hollywood Boulevard


Now here’s a peek at the wild side of Hollywood artists. Street Artist Plastic Jesus, known for his life size Oscar Statue remakes has placed a life-size Oscar statue on Hollywood Boulevard at La Brea Avenue. What catches everyone’s eyes is the activity the statue is framed doing – snorting cocaine!

This controversial statue might tickle some reserved moviemakers’ senses. As the Oscar man is on his knees bending down to snort some cocaine. The statue is portrayed to take shots at the cocaine addiction many celebrities have had and many that still do.

Plastic Jesus pulled a similar stunt when he placed an Oscar statue with a needle in his arm depicting the heroine addiction in the entertainment industry. The street artist has very interestingly managed to question the rave lifestyle of Hollywood stars.

“The piece is intended to draw attention to Hollywood’s hidden problem of drug addiction that affects hundreds of people in the showbiz industry and is largely ignored until the death of a high profile A-list celebrity,” photographer Nick Stern stated on behalf of Plastic Jesus to a leading daily.

We wonder if this cocaine-snorting statue will create a Deja Vu for some artists on the day of Oscar ceremony. The 87th Academy Awards will take place on February 22 at the Dolby Theatre in Hollywood, Los Angeles.

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