Kim Kardashian Reveals The Cover Of Her Book Of Selfies, Selfish


Kim Kardashian, 34, has always kept twitterati happy with her updates. And this one was no less eye-popping when she shared the jacket of her new book, titled Selfish, with herself on the cover. The cover exhibits the celeb in full gusto, absolutely in her signature style, revealing lots of cleavage.

Her book is a collection of selfies, and it is expected to make a big statement in the recent “selfie” rage that has caught up both celebs and non-celebs across the world. Kim’s photographs have always been sailing through social media like hot cakes and this particular compilation of selfies would feature Ms. Kardarshian in her creative best while capturing herself in the camera, making some specific photo-statements! Also, they would dish out a little more of the diva’s personal life to her fans.

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Her publisher, Rizzoli is scheduled to launch the book on April 28, 2015, as per Amazon’s listing.

Ms. Kardarshian though has no intentions to stop flaunting her curves with the limited pages of a book. Social media is ablaze again with shots of her wearing a “Furkini”, a fur coat bikini, which were probably taken during one of her skiing expeditions.

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