REVIEW: Iron Man 3 – A Must Watch For Superhero Lovers


There are a few films that come along every few years which you wish would not end. Iron Man 3 is one such film that keeps you wishing for more. Robert Downey Jr reprises his role as millionaire inventor/ businessman Tony Stark with his superhero alter-ego, Iron Man.

In the third in the franchise, he suits up to take on an elusive Osama bin Laden style baddie dubbed Mandarin. Sir Ben Kingsley adds a tasty touch to the film as he savours the part of the bearded madman Mandarin, facing off with Downey who, as per usual, laces his role with humour and cheekiness.

The Mandarin is ruthlessly attacking key American locations and giving the American army and authorities a massive runaround. But when Stark’s head of security, Happy (John Favreau) gets injured in an attack, the issue becomes personal for Iron Man. To make matters worse, the love of his life and the head of his company, Pepper Potts’ (Gwyneth Paltrow) life is also in danger.

At the same time a creepily blond businessman, Aldrich Killian, brings along tech that has far-reaching effects. Guy Pearce, not seen often enough on screen, adds another layer of wicked slightly over-the-top drama to director Shane Black’s film.

Take this cast, add a wardrobe filled with uniquely individualized Iron Man suits, and bring in a sidekick in the form of Colonel Rhodes (Don Cheadle), finish it off with explosive action scenes and visual effects and you are left thirsting for more. Here’s some fun trivia: the voice of Jarvis, the computerized voice that manages the suits, belongs to Paul Bettany.

For Downey Jr, Kingsley in one of his most memorable roles since Gandhi, and for the love of superheroes and comic books, go see Iron Man 3 now!

Rating: ****