Snoop Dogg Calls Caitlyn Jenner A Science Project!


Snoop-doggThe former American athlete Bruce Jenner introduced herself as Caitlyn Jenner on the cover of Vanity Fair after the transition. The announcement went viral on the internet and became the most discussed topic. However where many celebrities supported the transformation, Snoop Dogg doesn’t seem too keen to support the change.

The celebrity rapper Snoop Dogg posted on his instagram account a picture of sensational Hip Hop artist Akon and captioned it saying, “Shout out to Akon! He is about to su pply 600 million africans with solar power. Im really upset that this isn’t major news but that science project bruce jenner is #Society”.

Dogg doesn’t seem to be too impressed with the crowd going all gaga over this transformation and is seen telling people through his caption not to pay so much importance to the same and rather hints at focusing more on the social work done by Akon.

Bruce Jenner is very much in news for the transformation from an athletic body type to a tender female one, the step which was very huge for Bruce now Caitlyn raised many eyeballs on the internet. While some supported the step some even targeted the act.  Bruce Jenner also went forward and opened a twitter account named Caitlyn Jenner, the account within no time reached a million followers.