Trailer Alert: Jonah Hill And Miles Teller’s ‘War Dogs’ Is Ridiculously Funny!

War-Dogs[tps_footer]Brace yourselves because Jonah Hill is back. Hollywood actor Jonah Hill is starring in an upcoming movie titled ‘War Dogs’ along with ‘Whiplash’ actor Miles Teller. If Jonah stars in a film then be prepared to laugh till your stomach hurts and also be prepared for some raunchiness.


The first trailer of ‘War Dogs’ dropped last week but started to make rounds just now. Why? Because it is made under Warner Bros banner and buzz was only about certain superhero movie until it released last week. Moving on, the plot of this film is based on a true story written by Guy Lawson for Rolling Stone.

The first trailer straight away introduces the two leads of the film- two young men in their early 20s, David Packouz (Jonah Hill) and Efraim Diveroli (Miles Teller) who become overnight millionaires after signing a $300.0 million contract from Pentagon to supply weapons to U.S. troops based in Afghanistan by using a little-known government secret. The film featured loads of action and has great comedy. Thanks to Jonah‘s quick comic timing. Can we talk about his outburst in the first scene itself? Funny,right?


It is not just funny but it also has an A-list guest star in it. Four-time Oscar nominee Bradley Cooper, who has starred in ‘The Hangover’ films, makes a brief appearance in the trailer. For the role of David Packouz, Jonah has put on a lot of weight .

‘War Dogs’ is produced and directed by ‘The Hangover’ trilogy maker, Todd Phillips and the film hit the theatres on Aug. 19, 2016.

Watch the trailer:


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