Watch: David Guetta And Sia Recreate Magic In Bang My Head

David-Guetta-Bang-My-Head-Hollywood musician David Guetta has once again teamed up with the wonderful singer Sia to present the video of ‘Bang My Head’. The stars had earlier worked together on the track ‘Titanium’ which was a chart buster. ‘Bang My Head’ also features singer/rapper Fetty Wap who has gained lot of recognition after the group’s song ‘Trap Queen’ became viral all over the world due to Billboard fever. ‘Bang My Head’ on the other hand we thought was nothing like ‘Titanium’ or ‘Trap Queen’.

David Guetta does a splendid job when it comes to music production and that is clear from his track records. He knows exactly what he wants out of a song and guides the singer to blend in with his music. This time while we loved David Guetta‘s usual appearance in his video, the wordings of the song seemed to be unclear which ultimately made it sound like a musical humming instead of singing. Although the song does have its high and low points, we have seen and heard better from Guetta before.

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Sia and Fetty Wap both have done a commendable job, but the enunciation of the lyrics could have been a little better strictly from an audience’s perspective. Nonetheless the video for ‘Bang My Head’ more than makes it up for the song’s lack of clarity. The music video is simply well put and a brilliant showcase of lot of things with a futuristic theme. The video shows some cool gadgets like a horse controlled by telepathic machine to win the race.

‘Bang My Head’ stars only David Guetta in the video with no cameo appearances by both Sia and Fetty Wap. He is accompanied by a beautiful long-legged sassy model who plays quite an astonishing role in the video. We wonder if the horse riding was actually done by her. If yes, then she is even more bad*ss than we thought! Watch the music video here and tell us what you think. Can you feel the Guetta magic?

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