AEC Holdings announces First Feature Film


Mumbai: AEC Holdings announced that the company’s first family film will be based on the script Scalawags, an original story co-written by Jon Van Dyke of AEC Holdings Corp. Scalawags is currently in pre-production.

Scalawags is a family adventure story set on the coast and tells the tale of Miranda, a young girl sent to live with her eccentric Uncle Norville for the summer. One day, while playing in the old ship docked behind her uncle’s house, Miranda uncovers a treasure map that not only provides adventure but could also help her uncle save his home and reputation. Miranda goes searching after the treasure to save her family while narrowly escaping capture.

"Scalawags is focused around our strengths — working with animals and kids," says AEC Holdings film director and corporate secretary Jon Van Dyke, "and will also allow us to showcase our vision for quality family-friendly entertainment."

AEC Holdings Corp., through their subsidiary Not By Sight Entertainment, is looking forward to working with Showcase Entertainment as a co-producer and world wide distribution agent.