Allen amused by Tweedy

British star Lily Allen is amused by Cheryl Tweedy’s reaction to the chart-topper’s “tribute” to her beauty, because the track was meant to be ironic. The B-side track, simply titled Cheryl Tweedy, is supposedly a musing on how much Allen admires the GIRLS ALOUD singer, including the line, ‘I wish I looked like Cheryl Tweedy’.

Tweedy, thrilled with the acknowledgement, said at the time, “I’m really flattered that Lily’s written a track about me. I don’t know why she sings about wanting to be as pretty as me, as she looks stunning. I’d like to look like her.” But Allen thinks the Love Machine star’s gracious response is hilarious, because the song was a sarcastic joke.

She says, “I don’t want to look like Cheryl Tweedy! It’s tongue in cheek. It’s meant to be ironic. “I don’t have anything against her as a human being. It was a joke that not many people got. Of course nobody really wants to look like Cheryl, they just think they do.”

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