Analog Devices introduces HDAnywhere ent.


MUMBAI: The rapid growth of high-definition (HD) home entertainment systems has made the connections between an increasing number of sources and displays more difficult. High Definition Multimedia Interface (HDMI) cables support a limited distance, and content protection restrictions preclude most of the traditional interconnect solutions.


Several approaches have been proposed but Analog Devices’ HDAnywhere networked entertainment solution works with any source, over any common transport. It enables connections to wall-mounted displays without cables, ceiling mounted projectors without putting wires through the walls, and televisions in other parts of the house without running any new wires.


HDAnywhere is based on ADI’s Wavescale compression; the JPEG2000-based technology used in digital cinema and broadcast television systems. Wavescale technology provides unique advantages in video quality, transmission robustness, scalability, low latency, and instantaneous data rate adjustment. The HDAnywhere system compresses video in real time, encrypts the stream, and provides it to a UWB, WiFi, powerline, phoneline, or COAX modem – all without visual interruptions.


The receiver decrypts and decompresses the stream and produces an HDMI output, ready to be connected to any HD display. It can accept video and audio in any common format, including standard definition composite and component, and HD content in analog component or an uncompressed digital form. This addresses evolving entertainment systems which incorporate a mix of HD and legacy components.



“Different video transport options offer various advantages: some are good for in-room transmission, while others may provide better coverage for an entire house. The HDAnywhere networked entertainment platform is the only solution that adapts to all wired and wireless networking technologies while maintaining optimal video quality,” said Analog Devices director advanced television segment Bill Bucklen.


Leveraging ADI’s broad line of video and audio products in its Advantiv portfolio, the HDAnywhere platform offers the flexibility to configure a system meeting particular cost and feature objectives with components tailored to work together seamlessly. The HDAnywhere networked entertainment reference design is available to qualified customers from Analog Devices.