Atenea Y Afrodita digital short film to be screened at Cannes

CANNES: Durrenberger Engineering, Inc. used its proprietary Digital Video To Film transfer process to create the 35mm print of the short film entitled Atenea Y Afrodita that will be shown at Tous Les Cinemas du Monde programme of Canne Film Festival, on May 24 at 1pm.

The 2006 Tous Les Cinema du Monde programme features the work of over 80 international producers. This is the first year that an entry from Venezuela was selected to be shown.

The short film Atenea Y Afrodita , that was produced by Harold Lopez Garroz in Venezuela, was filmed using digital video camera technology and editted using non-linear computer editing technology. The producer and team mastered a digital video (DV) tape, then sent the master to Durrenberger Engineering, Inc. who performed the transfer of the DV tape from the video domain to a 35mm motion picture print. This print, known as the Release Print, is capable of being projected in virtually any motion picture theater worldwide.

Durrenberger Engineering, Inc. completed the transfer at its San Diego facility and using various service firms in Burbank CA.

The transfer process is as follows. Durrenberger Engineering, Inc. post-produces a 35mm negative of the short film videotape at its San Diego facility. Then the negative is sent to a motion picture film development lab in Burbank, where the film is developed, then to a sound stage facility where sound is synchorized to picture, and finally, back to the development lab which makes the final 35mm print.

Durrenberger Engineering, Inc has been producing DV To Film Transfers for over five years. The firm has transferred several feature films which have been distributed in Europe, USA and Mexico, as well as many short films that have been screened in festivals such as Ottawa International Animation Festival, etc.

In addition, the firm has produced movie trailers for films such as Word Wars (Seventh Arts Releasing), Stuey (Starring Michael Imperioli) and Unspeakable (Starring Dennis Hopper).

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