Da Vinci Code rakes in $224 million worldwide

The much controversial and talked about movie of the year – The Da Vinci Code has opened to an estimated $224 million in worldwide receipts – North America $ 77 million + International $ 147 million. This makes it the second biggest worldwide opening for any film after Star Wars III, which opened to $253 million globally this same weekend one year ago.

This is the sixth film from Sony Pictures to open at the #1 spot this year and is also the studio’s biggest worldwide opening ever.

In the US market, the film pulled in an estimated $77 million over the 19 – 21 May period. This performance makes it the second best opening for a non-franchise film after The Passion of the Christ, which debuted to $83.8 million following a Wednesday launch in February 2004.

The per-theater average for the The Da Vinci Code rated PG-13 in the US was a huge $20,616 from 3,735 theatres.

In other markets, the box office was nearly double. The film took in an estimated $147 million, making it the biggest international debut of all time.

This performance ensured that The Da Vinci Code opening weekend performance crossed Star Wars Episode III, to set a new international debut weekend record.

The Da Vinci Code opened on 12,000 screens internationally.

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