Barco and Dolby partner for dual-projector 3D technology


MUMBAI: Digital cinema projection technology company Barco’s projectors will play a vital role in Dolby’s latest dual 3D digital cinema offering.

The solution, consisting of a dual-stack Barco projector and Dolby’s dedicated 3D technology more than doubles the light output, offering perfect image quality and light output for large auditoriums.

This 3D cinema solution will be marketed by Dolby as Dolby 3D for large screens, and includes a twin Barco projector setup. The solution offers ideal light efficiency for screens ranging from 41 to 70 feet wide. The Dolby 3D large screen solution is currently available and compatible with all of Barco’s digital cinema twin projector offerings, including the ultra-bright DP-3000 flagship projectors.

“Dolby realizes that exhibitors need the flexibility to provide a premium 3D experience in their largest and smallest auditoriums, and with this announcement, Dolby is well positioned to be able to support exhibitors’ various needs. We are delighted to have worked with Barco on developing this new 3D technology, resulting in a dedicated solution that renders 3D in large auditoriums with realistic colors and a pristine image quality,” stated Dolby Laboratories senior director Cinema Marketing Page Haun.

All of Barco’s digital cinema projectors are based on the pioneering DLP Cinema technology from Texas Instruments.