Big Screen teams with major production co


Mumbai: Big Screen Entertainment Group (BSEG) has entered into a joint venture with one of South Florida’s largest production companies, Five Star Pictures, for the primary purpose of producing feature films in the state of Florida.
“Five Star has been producing television and film content for over 15 years, and brings a wealth of talent and experience to this venture,” stated BSEG CEO Kimberley Kates. “We’re proud to be working with Scott Woolley, and his entire team.”
“What makes this venture viable is the melding of our two companies, bringing the contacts and experience of Hollywood, CA based Big Screen, together with Five Star,” said BSEG senior VP Michael Manasseri. “Five Star’s 30,000 square foot production facility in Florida gives Big Screen an impressive base of operations in the state; similarly, Five Star is excited about working from our production offices here on the Paramount Studios lot,” Manasseri added.
Over the past 15 years, Five Star has created hundreds of hours of nationally broadcast, award winning television. The company’s programs have aired on the ABC, NBC, CBS, Fox, Discovery Networks and Lifetime to name just a few. In addition to producing original programming, Five Star has also produced commercials, infomercials and corporate films, all in-house, utilizing its state of the art facilities in Boca Raton.
Beginning on March 31st, Five Star’s program The Balancing Act will air Monday through Friday at 7:00 AM on Lifetime. Five Star president Scott Woolley describes the show as “empowering to women seeking personal and professional growth. The Balancing Act will present discussion and suggestions for women in managing their home, work and family life in a solution rich storytelling manner, via a ‘news you can use’ format.”
Over the coming weeks, BSEG and Five Star will be announcing specifics regarding their partnership, which includes over a dozen film projects, most with A-list writers, actors and directors.
“This venture promises to catapult both Big Screen and Five Star to the forefront of independent filmmaking,” stated Kates.