Bruce Springsteen makes dying woman’s dream come true


MUMBAI: Legendary rocker Bruce Springsteen generously opened his heart to Karen Marquadt, an ovarian cancer patient with only three weeks to live, during the Los Angeles stop on his Working on a Dream tour.

With the help of the non-profit Dream Foundation, Springsteen arranged for front row seats for Marquadt, 51, and three friends at his 16 April  show at the Los Angeles Sports Arena.

Prior to the concert, Marquadt and her friends spent time with him in his dressing room. During the show, Springsteen dedicated “Backstreets” to her, saying, "This is for Karen.”

“To get the most devastating news of your whole life and then get the best news of your life in one week was crazy, but Dream Foundation made me feel like ‘Queen for a Day.’ I actually got to kiss him. We went to his dressing room in the Sports Arena before the show and he was all by himself. He gave me a really big hug. I’ve been trying to meet him for 35 years, ever since I saw him in a gym in Santa Barbara. I’ve seen him in concert as many times as I could over the years. I once paid $2,000 for tickets. This was the most wonderful day of my life” said Marquadt.

Marquadt lives in Thousand Oaks, Calif.,