LongTale premieres lost Anthony Quinn film at Monaco Film Festival


MUMBAI: LongTale International will premiere Daryush Shokof’s never before seen 1996 film Seven Servants (Anthony Quinn’s last film) also starring David Warner, Alexandra Stewart, Sonja Kirchberger, and Audra McDonald, at The Fourth Monaco Charity Film Festival.

The surreal Seven Servants is based on a dream by Iranian filmmaker Shokof. A wealthy, elderly man (Quinn) attempts to unite the races until his last breath by hiring four young men from the four corners of the world to reinvigorate him.

“One is incomplete until one becomes part of everyone else’s body and mind,” says director Shokof, who will be in Monaco for the premiere of the film made in English in Germany.

The Fourth Monaco Charity Film Festival (11 – 16 May, 2009), hosted by the royal Grimaldi family, is a prestigious annual Charity Event held in Monaco for the benefit of the poor children around the world.