Camelot Entertainment acquires Liberation movie library


MUMBAI: Camelot Entertainment Group has acquired the assets of Liberation Entertainment, including 750 of Liberation’s 888 title film library initially, with the potential to add 138 more titles once title issues are cleared.

In a deal valued between $3,900,000 and $4,430,000, Camelot Film Group, Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of Camelot, picked up a library comprising titles encompassing a wide-range of genres in film and television spanning a period of more than 40 years, including such titles as the Wolverine and X-Men animated series, the Peter Gunn television series, the original House on Sorority Row and the original Frost/Nixon interviews. Camelot Distribution Group will manage marketing and sales of the library titles worldwide.

"This acquisition represents a big step forward for Camelot and the implementation of our business model, especially with our ongoing focus on acquiring and distributing independent films. In 2009, this library generated in excess of $5,000,000 in gross revenue for Liberation. Even though 2010 year to date revenue numbers are minimal due to the recent inactivity of Liberation, with our highly motivated distribution team working with film and television buyers both domestically and internationally, we are confident that we will be able to maximize revenues not only for Camelot and our stockholders, but for our producing partners in the library as well," said Camelot chairman Robert P. Atwell.

Camelot paid cash and issued shares of its common and preferred stock to complete the acquisition, which is the first of four planned acquisitions Camelot has slated, with negotiations for two more distribution companies and a post-production facility currently ongoing.

"We are also excited about the possibility of expanding the revenue potential of this library through the extension of rights and acquiring additional rights to the titles as we move forward. This library fits perfectly into our expansion plans for Camelot Distribution Group in part due to the wide variety of content, which spans many different genres. We believe this library eventually has the potential to exceed all of our expectations," Atwell added.