Canada film board gets Qube across D-cinema


MUMBAI: Qube Cinema is the platform of choice for the National Film Board of Canada (NFB) and its new digital cinema pilot project in Atlantic Canada.


The NFB is working with local partners in five Atlantic Canadian cities to equip digital cinema venues that will give francophones much-needed access to French-language cinema – and is relying on Qube Cinema to get the job done. The NFB has installed Qube servers and management tools in all these venues. What’s more, Canada‘s public producer and distributor will also use Qube’s robust multi-format mastering system (QubeMaster) to encode and compress more titles in the NFB’s vast collection.


“The NFB has given us the opportunity to set up a digital cinema infrastructure that uses the Qube platform to master films, distribute and play them back electronically – in an on-demand environment available to any connected cinema. This is what digital cinema is meant to be and we are proud to be part of this NFB pilot project,” states Rajesh Ramachandran, president and CTO of Qube Cinema.


“Qube’s robust digital cinema platform will help us to make NFB and independently produced Canadian films accessible to the public in an exciting new way,” said NFB head of R&D Julie Dutrisac. “We were drawn to Qube Cinema because of the simplicity and flexibility of their platform as well as their ability to move easily from E to D cinema.”