Chile announces FilmChile in NY on 16 Nov

Mumbai: Commissioner Juan A. Somavia of ProChile New York, the Trade Commission of Chile, Chile’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs, announced the launch of FilmChile, the Chilean Film & Photo Commission on November 10.

The Commission, to be based in Santiago with offices in New York, aims at enabling filmmakers and photographers from around the world to realize their creative visions in a cost-effective way by taking full advantage of the vast filmic resources of Chile for production projects, big and small.

Chile’s southern hemisphere location provides filmmakers & photographers often crucial scheduling advantages: a TV commercial scheduled to be broadcasted during the summer in Europe or America that features summer themes, can be shot six months earlier — in the Chilean summer.

“We are pleased and excited to provide the world’s film artists the
very best of Chile,” said  Somavia, “Chile is a filmmaker’s paradise and
is poised to become the next choice in location for film and photo
productions. FilmChile will work closely with filmmakers and photographers from around the world so they can cost-effectively realize their creative visions, no matter how big or small the project.”

Chile’s scenic riches and low-cost production labor have long been
appreciated by its homegrown filmmakers and photographers. The launch of the new Photo and Film Board will encourage more use of this resource by film and photo artists from around the world.

A launch party for FilmChile will be held Thursday, November 16 at
Ultra in New York.

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