Disney Interactive Studios releases Ultimate Band


Mumbai: Disney Interactive Studios released Ultimate Band, an all-new musical video game experience for fans of the Wii home video game system and Nintendo DS. Disney has brought together a track list of popular favorites and combined it with accessible game play. Both games use only the Wii controllers or Nintendo DS stylus.

Available in time for the holidays, Ultimate Band invites players to jam to contemporary favorites like Steady As She Goes or Fell In Love With a Girl to hard rocking classics like My Generation or Whip It.

"Disney’s Ultimate Band is a great entertainment value this holiday for anyone who loves music and games," said Disney Interactive Studios senior vice president global marketing Craig Relyea. "No matter what instrument you choose – guitar, drums, bass or front man, you’ll only need a Wii Remote and Nunchuk to start rocking out. DS players need only their stylus to reach rock stardom in Ultimate Band."

Ultimate Band for Wii allows players to create a band with their own look, style and attitude. Choosing their own stage look and clothing, players can create unique characters that reflect their own personalities and ambitions. As they advance along the path to superstardom, players unlock new songs, venues and accessories that can be used to customize their band members. Players can add a fifth player as the Effects DJ and through mini-games on the Nintendo DS version of Ultimate Band, trigger fireworks, lights and other effects within the Wii game.

Ultimate Band for Nintendo DS is a rhythm-based music game with a built-in recording studio. Players can jam to current and classic songs using the drums, lead guitar, bass guitar or rhythm guitar. Players can also create their own original songs using the DS touch screen and stylus to lay down tracks for each instrument and apply creative mixing effects. Ultimate Band for Nintendo DS also includes DGamer functionality which will allow players to engage with others in a secure online community via their DS (Wi-Fi or local wireless connection) or computer.

Ultimate Band has ESRB ratings of E10+ on Wii and E on the Nintendo DS. MSRP is $29.99 for Nintendo DS and $49.99 for Wii.