Disney Princess games on DVD

MUMBAI: Cinderella, along with many Disney characters will now be available on a new DVD game from the creators of Creative Child Magazine’s Toy of the Year, Disney DVD Bingo.


“The role-playing experience of this game is unique. My own four-year-old daughter plays the game as Belle from Beauty and The Beast. Players can embody their favorite Disney princess characters, relive classic moments and sing along with their favorite songs,” said Screenlife co-founder and CEO Dave Long.


Disney Princess Dream Journey comes with a tiara that kids can wear while choosing to be one of six Disney Princesses, including Sleeping Beauty, Snow White, Ariel, Cinderella, Jasmine, and Belle.


Using the Disney Princess Controller (included), kids can navigate through their favorite Disney Princess’ movies, and with some help from host Angela Lansbury play fun mini-games and solve simple puzzles along the way.


With real clips and songs from favorite Disney classics any home can become an enchanted kingdom. Available now, Disney Princess Dream Journey can also be purchased online at www.screenlifegames.com.

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