DivX & deviantART offer video solutions


MUMBAI: DivX, Inc and deviantART, the art-focused community site has launched deviantART Film, a new video category within deviantART.com. This new category features the DivX media format as the default high-quality viewing option for users.

The new film offering allows deviantART members to easily upload and view DivX video content. Users can watch DivX videos in full-screen on the PC or download videos to playback on any DivX Certified consumer electronics device. Over 100 million DivX certified devices, including DVD players, mobile handsets and portable media players, have shipped to the marketplace to date.

DivX video solutions power the distribution of content across a number of third-party sites, enabling online publishers and content providers to easily offer a high-quality video experience that extends beyond the PC. With over 17 million unique monthly visitors and over five million registered users, deviantART is one of the most popular sites for independent content creators to share their artistic works with global audiences.

“DivX is an ideal partner for us. They are actively committed to providing independent creators with the necessary tools to create and distribute meaningful content at the highest level of visual quality. deviantART Film participants choosing DivX can share their artistic vision with a global audience in a high quality interoperable format that can be easily watched through low cost devices in the home environment,” said deviantART, Director of Artist Relations, Danielle McKay.

DivX, Inc., Vice President and Group Business Manager, Media Languages, Patrice Lagrange added, “deviantART is an innovative site that offers serious content creators the ability to engage with a large and dynamic community of users, and represents a strong addition to the existing universe of high-quality DivX content. With our ‘powered by DivX’ content approach, we offer third parties like deviantART a strong enabling platform to easily add high-quality video distribution capabilities to their sites.”