DivX inks licensing deal with Motorola for DivX certified IPTV STBs


MUMBAI: DivX, Inc and Motorola have signed a licensing agreement to adopt DivX technology and certify a new series of Motorola IPTV set-top boxes. To be initially available in Europe, these set-tops will support the playback of high-quality standard definition video in the DivX format.

DivX technology allows video content to be compressed to a fraction of its original size, while maintaining excellent visual quality. Using DivX software, up to eight standard definition movies can fit on an 8 GB USB flash drive. Once DivX Certified, these new Motorola set-tops will enable consumers to playback their favorite digital videos and Hollywood movies in the DivX format stored on their personal USB drives.

"Motorola is committed to accelerating the delivery of personal media experiences and satisfying consumer demand for high-quality, compelling services. With the wide adoption of the DivX technology in Europe and the increasing availability of Hollywood content in the DivX format worldwide, we felt it important to incorporate DivX into our next generation of set-top boxes," said Motorola Home & Networks Mobility vice president and general manager, EMEA and Asia Pacific Set-top Keith Kelley.

"Working with Motorola is a tremendous win for DivX that raises our profile and penetration in Europe and markets worldwide. We look forward to working with Motorola and further expanding our presence in the set-top box market segment," said DivX CEO Kevin Hell.